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Acrylic painting of a dream by Jenny Badger Sultan: 'Tony Digs Up the Red Earth'. Click to enlarge

Box of Dreams:
Tony Digs Up the Red Earth

Dreamed 2008/2/23 by Jenny Badger Sultan


This was dreamed on my birthday, but in the dream it was Thanksgiving.

My mother wants my brother Tony to come help with the heavy kitchen tasks. He is out in back, digging up dark red earth under the trees. He is angry and annoyed at being asked to stop.


Tony was often the adventurous troublemaker in the family, stirring things up--here he is excavating the red earth which is valuable, a source of life, creativity.

--Jenny Badger Sultan


Jenny achieves the strange textures seen here by using an old Surrealist technique called decalcomania--applying paint to one surface, slapping it down on another, and peeling it off, leaving complex maze-like textures. You see it in the paintings of Max Ernst.

--Chris Wayan

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