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a nightmare

Dreamed 2006/2/16 by Patagia

A familiar young woman
snaps an order

A thick black dog looms
fierce, a pit bull

He seizes my hand
in his awful jaw

My breath lurches, mind collapses,
thoughts scatter like wild ducks

My eyes drop,

An inner voice warns
stop, surrender

The ebony animal steps into shadow
I match his pace, trembling, forced to follow

The woman's face
flushes red,

Tears erupt, she says
"How could you do that to me?"

My body tenses, I strive to keep calm,
keep from triggering worse attack

Long I look at her, she looks back
Two women holding sorrow's shared root

New tears spring,
grow into mirrors

Two old griefs
merge and release us

Dark cloud-knots open
shafts of sun spill from their core

The beast drops his grip
turns from me, dissolves

The young woman softens,
melts into mist

My hand
to my heart

Alone, I breathe
and bend to touch the earth.

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