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Your Turn

Dreamed 1933/10/18 by Julian Green

I had an absurd and charming dream which made me laugh, alone though I was, when I awoke.

I saw myself once more at the age of nineteen, riding along a bad road in Virginia. This ride went on for some time, and then, suddenly, my horse spoke to me: "I have been carrying you for three hours. I am tired. Now it's your turn."

I thereupon dismounted, only to see my horse growing smaller beneath my very eyes. Very soon he was no larger than a pony, and this pony grew still smaller, till his size was no greater than that of a big dog. Without further ado, I took my horse under my arm and carried him home.

SOURCE: Julian Green's Personal Record 1928-1939, quoted in The Oxford Book of Dreams (ed. Stephen Brook, 1983)

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