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Dreamed 11/5/1996 (Election Eve) by Chris Wayan

After a long night of magical and political intrigue echoing the American elections, my dreams climax in a mad chase scene. My enemies are in a car, and I follow on foot. But I keep up, for my magic is strong--I run fast as a taxi, zooming and weaving through the big-city traffic.

I hop on a blue two-car jointed electric trolley... or a huge blue millipede with windows--depending whether you look through your body eye or spirit eye.

The blue whatsit carries me along a while, but the ride gets rougher. The millipede is agitated. Suddenly, in a gully, he suddenly curls into a U and crashes! He was so upset by my urgency and passion, he curled up to protect himself. Damn--I radiated too much shamanic passion. Public millipedes are sensitive!

A thin black man with huge dreadlocks appears; he's a local shaman I've talked to, though we've never met in the flesh before. He cheerfully teases me about the crash, "Now was dat an astral crash or a physical crash? Shouldn't be messin' up their Muni, you know."

I say "Well, a mage is supposed to leave material messes now and then, to drive the materialists crazy. Why it's a shamanic obligation! It gives them something to do!" I'm grinning though.

But... I mean it. And he agrees. Public transit here is a joke already, any jokes I play can't top that one. Yet... I really am a bit ashamed. I failed to distinguish the spirit world from matter! Big astral messes aren't too serious, it's all alive and heals fast; but smashing up expensive trolleys in the material world is another, uh, matter.

I don't mind an astral crash--catching those guys mattered--but I want to KNOW what mess I leave. I thought I just upset a touchy millipede's feelings.

And they'll be sweeping up glass for DAYS.

I ride a huge blue millipede thru a city; dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

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