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Burning House

Dreamed late 20th century? by Graciela Iturbide

...I dreamed that my house was burning down and I saw my negatives being consumed by the flames, which was the worst thing to me about the fire. I was desperate, because I said to myself: "All my work will be lost."The fantastic thing was that the woman with the jam box [left, below] and the lady of the iguanas [right, below] left the negatives and walked away.

Photo 'Angel Woman' (1979) by Graciela Iturbide. Click to enlarge. Photo 'Our Lady of the Iguanas' (1979) by Graciela Iturbide. Click to enlarge.
I haven't been able to interpret this dream... but in some way my subjects saved themselves. Maybe it means that the person is more important than the negative, but, finally, it's about the characters I invented in my photographs. And therefore I ask myself: "Were the people I saw saving themselves, or were my interpretations of them saving themselves?" Really, I'm not sure whether, if it came to a choice, I'd save the characters [I invented] rather than the good photograph, because I wouldn't be saving the image of who they really are. Maybe I'm enough of an egotist to think that, even if the negative is lost, my image will live on.

Source: Eyes to Fly With by Graciela Iturbide, University of Texas Press, Austin, 2006, p.17

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