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Dreams of photography and photos, not photos OF dreams--I still can't manage that one. If I could, believe me, I would...

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THE AIRPORT AUTOMATIC PHOTOGRAPHY BOOTH: by Julie Doucet; 1997/11/19, a dream-comic
At the airport, a new automatic photo booth shoots your memories!
Julie can't resist... and emerges, excited, to find that...
BAKE HER PHOTO: by Wayan; 1993/10/24, a short, psychic dream.
I dream I've carried a photo with me 17 years, but now... I BAKE it. The next day, I meet...
BURNING HOUSE: by Graciela Iturbide; date uncertain; a Pygmalion dream
My home was burning; I despaired. All my negatives would be lost. But
some figures arose from their photos and walked out of the fire...
CAMERA STRIKE: by Wayan, 1996/10/19, a dream within a dream with a point.
I dream I'm a lemur-girl in an emotional maze.
I wake to find I'm really a satyr cartoonist.
Funny, we have a lot in common! I wake to find...
FASHION SHOOT: by Wayan, 2000/11/30; nondream ceramic sculpture 10.5" long.
Inspired by a fashion outtake of model and director clowning. I fused the director and the camera, and...
FOAM, FURS, DREAMS: by Wayan; 2012-16, a blog + 170 pics; 43 dreams lead me to sew furry dream sculptures.
Dreams urge me to build furry dream creatures with joints, muscles & bones, then to heal myself by mating with them...
HAUNTED BUT HAPPY: by Wayan; 1990/10/13, a labyrinthine dream.
Some Christian oneirologists barge into the Haunted Firehouse. But I pose for nude unicorn photos, and...
JENNIFER MONTGOMERY: by Wayan; 1995/4/24, a journal extract
Her film about her teenage affair with a pedophile is troubling enough before the FBI steps in to blackmail her...
JUANA'S ROCKET: by Wayan; 2010/9/4; a dream on how facing parental misconduct can fan inflammation
That day, I find old photos showing my dad ogled my sister, the Lee girls, and teens he met at the beach.
That night I dream Juana Lee is ready to fire a rocket launcher--indoors. The house'll burn! But she won't relent...
PHOTOS LURE SOULS: by Wayan; 2016/3/12, dream of summoning spirits
I'm photographing lifesize furry statues. How explicit, how sexy? If I get shots they like,
souls will be lured to enter their bodies and bring them alive...
POLTERGEIST: by Wayan; 1983/11/17, a comic surreal dream.
A living camera edits us all: the dappled hawk-man, the slutty candidate, the blue businessmen
who give such bad advice when you pull the thorns from their feet. And my sweet sad hell-hound...
SAINT BARBIE: by Wayan; 2016/6/19, a dream of a meme we need
After a living Barbie doll dies while campaigning for niceness, I find myself invoking her
to shock people into decent behavior: "In the Name of Saint Barbie!"...
EL SEÑOR DE LOS PÁJAROS: by Graciela Iturbide; 1980-83, recurring, possibly predictive dream
I dreamed a sentence over and over: "In my country I shall plant birds."
And I saw a man with many birds flying around him...
SUPERIMPOSED: by a German photographer, as told by Carl Jung; 1914-1916, a two-year synchronistic linkage
A mom in the Black Forest photographed her young son and took the film to a lab in Strassburg. War broke out; she never got back.
Two years later in Frankfurt, she photographed her young daughter. The film came back with both her kids--superimposed.
The film with her son's latent, invisible image had wandered across wartorn Germany to be sold mistakenly as fresh--to her.
UNCORK A SUB GOD: by Wayan; 1998/8/11, a cryptic warning dream.
Exploring a sunken sub, my buddies salvage a something ticking. Toss it back, but it won't stay sunk...

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