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Fall at the Right Size

Dreamed 2018/7/14 by Wayan
for all us wafflers

Flee dream-doom
over the skyscraper roof to rim.
Balk at the brink. Leap to glass twin!
Roof run. Again, again! Air-gulfs swim.
Cross downtown. Vault up, hop down,
skirt skylights, leap again, shocked
at my own surety and strength.

One gap looms
too vast to span. I know
the knack to shrink or grow--
and if I'm sparrow-small, I'll fall
unharmed 200 yards to pave below!
The cube-square law'll ease the blow
on twig-joints; the drag on my skin
slow me to mere rain-amble, not
pain's anvil. So I dare dive
abyss of light.

Chant, shrink
rat-small. Less? But as my flesh
dwindles, terror grows. Gyrfalcons nest
the tower! Talons, beaks avid to devour
doll-size gory me. In two. Yet if I
grow, bones break

Below. Think!
Waffle from cricket to cat to vole--
fly/fall. But no hawk stoops. Clear why!
What fool'd take

A pulsing thing?
I spell trouble on the wing--may
pack uncanny sting. So I dare to shrink
and snow-flurry soft to earth, and think
"I sure worry--WAY too much!",
and, chided, wake.

Hawk dives on tiny man falling off tower. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

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