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Box of Dreams:
Hank and the Bengal Tiger

Dreamed 2009/2/27 by Jenny Badger Sultan


Another animal encounter.

My husband Hank and I are at a party. He's sitting outside.

I go out and find him facing a tiger!

I am alarmed--is this dangerous? I worry "Should I inform someone?" as I often do.

But Hank's a Leo.

They're both big cats. They'll get along.

--Jenny Badger Sultan


Jenny achieves the strange textures seen here by using an old Surrealist technique called decalcomania. You see it in the paintings of Max Ernst.

You apply paint to one surface, slap it down on another, and peel them apart, leaving complex maze-like textures.

--Chris Wayan

Acrylic painting of a dream by Jenny Badger Sultan: 'Hank and the Bengal Tiger'. Click to enlarge

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