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The Invisible Sulky

Dreamed 1995/9/20 by Chris Wayan

I set out for a walk in the country. My path is clear, flat, and easy, but as I set out, I notice some pressure's holding me back. As if I'm dragging something large. Doesn't stop me, but it bothers me so much I finally stop to look. Take off my belt. Safety belt, or the strap holding up my backpack? When I do, there's a "clunk" behind me. Turn to find my burden's become visible--an antique horse-buggy built for one, called a sulky. I've been dragging an invisible sulky around?

It may be built for one, but two men are jammed into it, one black and one white. They're both young, probably students. They can jam in because the black guy's slender and the white one's horribly emaciated--just naked skin over skeleton.

When our eyes meet, they both hop out, nonchalant, and walk off, their free ride over.

Using me as a horse!

And they seemed quite guiltless about it all.

I walk on, puzzled, angry at them, but... lighter.

A lot lighter.


LISTS AND LINKS: heritage and habit - invisibility - theft - liberation - healing from abuse - solitude - anorexia - an early dream attacking this problem by introducing me to my later spirit-wife: "Sulky"

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