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Dreamed 1982/3/7 by Chris Wayan

They tinkered with the Sun--
Warmed us up again.
God, I hate that lava rain!

We settled in a Ring.
Sun below the Dawn.
Ice behind, fire before.
Domes where we farm.

They knew our highwire
Sways in solar wind:
So doom from any trend.

Springfall wilts and slinks
Into the night ice
of the world's blackside
like deer into thickets
before the sniffing gun--

Christian, Buddhist hell on one side
Norse hell on the other!

Oh but you know
Paradise is just
Well balanced hells.

The railroad line saw dawn.
Rails wake, stretch and yawn.
We spike a web of malforged iron
Feverish, death-pushed, in icier canyons
Soon to be mudholes, then Death Valleys.

Don't tinker with the Sun:
This was my dream.

I guess I must tell her
who wants to warm my world:
"My balance, tight ring,
will die of love.
I cannot migrate fast."

Yet she was and is
so warm, so warm.
Face burning, I'll have to tell her,
And march on, into ice.

I dreamed of global warming on Mercury.

I can't recall now what year it was discovered that Mercury was NOT perpetual day on one side, endless night on the other, but my dream took me to that lost Mercury of my childhood--fire side, ice side, but in between, at the dawn-dusk line, a temperate ring, where domed cities and farms might flourish. The ringworld that never was.

I was extremely fragile in 1982: still recovering physically as well as emotionally from an abusive relationship. The dream warned me I was as fragile as a fire-ice ecobalance... just not stable enough to get involved with a certain fiery girl.

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