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a surreal digital art series by Chris Wayan, 2003/6/23

TWISTED is a set of experiments. I started with photos using sex to sell something--from mainstream magazine ads to Web porn sites, and everything in between. I changed the models' faces for privacy, and repainted the images, removing all the words, though I tried to preserve backgrounds. Then I twirled the images in Photoshop by converting all or part of the picture to polar coordinates--usually several times. I aimed to get three things at once:

  1. An abstract painting with compelling shapes, colors, and textures.
  2. An erotic atmosphere--from blatant to subliminal. I liked it best if an ad that WAS subliminal became blatant, or a blatant one turned subtle (because less recognizable)
  3. A new emotional tone. Not just a bizarre surreality from the distortion of bodies, which some viewers find quite disturbing. Twirling faces and gestures can create new expressions and feelings not in the original image. Even new objects occasionally appeared--for example, SHELL's shell, which she stares at so intently, came from nowhere--from pure mathematics.






Gold fire


Three graces

Cheshire grin

Cheshire grin 2


Green pool

My third breast

Green trance





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