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Dreamed 1996/7/19 by Chris Wayan

I'm watching a movie starring the All-American Family. They visit a famous store that specializes in filling personal fantasies. Expensive, but the service is reputed to be, well, fantastic.

Mom and Dad and Princess are nervous--never been here before, don't know how to act, and faintly disapprove of the idea of one person serving another--it's un-American!

But then, that's the store's name: Un-American Fantasies.

The family's welcomed in the lobby by their guides--all naked, of course. Two women lead Dad away, peeling his clothes without much protest from him. They seem relaxed and natural.

But Mom's upset--though the naked men who bow to her are just as gorgeous, they're nervous and wooden-faced, each one carefully stepping behind other people or potted plants, hiding his penis from the camera. Reminds us it's a film! Scared about ratings, or couldn't they find men who look comfortable naked? This is America.

Mom's upset that her 12-year-old child's seeing all these naked men. Princess doesn't seem intimidated, though. She bounds over to the shower/locker nook and tears off her clothes, dampens a paper towel and pats her crotch with it, on camera. Mom's shocked says "Princess, stop that!"

Princess says "Mommm! I'm cooling off my red-hot pussy, steeeaming with luuuust!" Followed by half a dozen more porn clichés, cheerfully strung together in exactly the tone she'd use quoting the ads for a new videogame. Laughing at her parents' fears, she takes Un-American Fantasies in stride...

Dream: in the Un-American Fantasy Store, the men are shy about stripping, Mom gets hysterical, but her daughter just laughs.
NOTES NEXT MORNING Yeah, right. So here I am posting dreams on the Web. Un-American Fantasies.

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