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Venus Unveiled: A Gazetteer

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Qetesh: 21 S, 343 E
Qetesh Corona is a classic "blue hole" in the southern Guinevere Sea: an oval pit 150 km across, ringed by islands and reefs, like an overgrown Terran atoll. The islets around Qetesh, are up to 100 km long but low and narrow--wooded tropical islets with long beaches and offshore coral reefs. Qetesh is part of the flyway linking Dione and Themis with Alpha. Themis-bound fliers head southwest to Menat; Alpha-bound fliers, east to Takusmana. 250 km due north is Bhumidevi, a much larger pseudo-atoll. Due south is the large Isle of Menat.
the heart of the small southern continent of West Lada. Quetzalpetlatl ("kets all pet lottle") is a round plateau 1200 km across--a giant pancake. Its weight has caused a slump at its foot; on the western side, this has filled to formLake Naijok, a thousand kilometers long. The only break in the circle is snowy Mt Boala, a tongue of the plateau sticking due south. The slopes of Quetzalpetlatl are abrupt, and force rain from the coastal winds, creating a ring-forest and in many places snowy ridges. The inner plateau is drier, a high stony desert with sparse grass and slow-growing ponderosa pines. Quetzalpetlatl contrasts with the higher yet greener Lakshmi Planum in Ishtar. Lakshmi is closer to the torrid zone and gets at least the edges of a few storms, which are funneled up onto the plateau by a long wall of high ranges. Quetzalpetlatl, free-standing and nearly polar, simply pushes most storms around it or wrings their rain out on its knees.
Lake Quilla: 24 S, 130 E
Quilla Chasma is a long east-west rift forming the north side of Artemis, the giant corona forming south Aphrodite. A lake over 900 km long fills the chasma floor. Open woods line the shore; the slopes are grassland with bare scarps in places. To the north are the high Jurnaisat Mts, part of Thetis; to the northeast, a parallel great lake, Mariko; to the south, the Maltby Plateau. Southeast is Ivne Crater on the shores of Lake Britomartis, the biggest on Venus. The rift valleys of these lakes are cut off from storms off the sea, but the highlands are wooded and send down streams to feed the lakes, which are so big they create their own rain.

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Map of terraformed Venus. Mountains are white, highlands gold, lowlands brown.
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