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Yellow Serenade

Dreamed 1979/2/22 by Chris Wayan

I'm driving a big car that doesn't steer or stop very well. All the other cars each have two mean dogs who snarl at me. Pass a car with two bitches in it--is that symbolic? Nah. The next one's two males. Dream: I escape a gridlocked freeway while singing atop a wheeled giraffe

Enter the city. Too much noise, cars, smog, dogs. I want out. Want to U-turn, but the signs forbid it and there's a central divider-wall...

I do it anyway, steer straight into the wall! And as I crash, my clumsy car LEAPS! Leaps, as it grows bigger and softer and taller and hairier and spotted. As it grows into... a giraffe. A giraffe with wheels for hooves, a giraffe rollerskating down the freeway, out of town.

I climb high up the giraffe's neck, behind its head, like a pirate up a mast. What a view! And as we rollerskate toward freedom, I serenade the oncoming rubberneckers, at the top of my lungs:

"I'm just mad about Saffron,
she's just mad about me...
I'm just mad about 14-year-old girls,
they're just mad about me...
They call me Mellow Yellow!"
The taboo-est verse of that sixties Donovan song that made millions of teens smoke banana peels and steal vibrators. Or steal bananapeels and smoke vibrators.

The other commuters swerve, honk, tangle and gridlock. I can hear them arguing whether I really sang what they thought I sang--obscene, criminal!

But from up my giraffe, my calm, gentle, mellow, yellow giraffe... I can't help but laugh.

(Song misquotation from "Mellow Yellow" by Donovan Leitch. Dreamed without permission.)

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