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The Black Wave

Dreamed 2016/10/18 by Wayan


I've been suffering a Lyme attack for days--joint aches, insomnia, night sweats and chills--but today I wake at dawn--slept through the night! A bit achy still, but I feel basically okay. Even remember my dreams: an endless bus trip through the suburbs of Tehran! A woodwork shop spilling onto the street, a ceramic toilet sitting surreal on a driveway, a crowd strolling through a dusty park. Hawks and ravens all over, surprising me.
thumbnail sketch of a hearth, by Wayan

thumbnail sketch of two cone-hatted wizards by Wayan

Singing pony people--sketch of a dream by Wayan.

Take a long walk with my poet friend Ellen over Bernal Hill here in San Francisco. On the walk, hawks, ravens, a woodwork shop spilling onto the street, a ceramic toilet sitting surreal on a driveway, a crowd strolling through a dusty park. Nothing spectacular, just comical little flashes of recognition. Dumbest predictive dream ever!

Read Ellen my short dream-poem Floo Portal. She likes it.

But I don't have the nerve to show her my sketches for the other two dreams I'm working on--the surreal ones for Magic School, and especially not the nude, erotic My Little Pony singers in Deer Versus Pigs! Not Ellen's sorta thing.

By evening, I've finished and laid in the illustrations. Couple of new dream-stories & about a dozen illustrations this week. Productive for a Lyme attack!

I curl up in bed with a giant plush unicorn and go to sleep...


I dream. But as the dreamworld swells
I'm twin: my skin still half-awake feels
the bodyheat of that unicorn curled
by me in matter bed.

From afar in the night, stage-glow:
Lit cabin. That dance studio I
dreamed of long ago; such a low
ceiling I had to slip outside to find
headroom to leap. To fly. But tonight
I soar in dark, outsider right
from go. Toylike now, that tight
box of ballet light.

In the dark I'm not alone. Spirits. Feel
they're friendly but can't see. They want
to do... what to me? Pressure. I resist
on the brink, for they won't tell,
can't show.

And then I trust. Let go. Black
flashes pierce my back, burst breast,
nighter than mere night. Dark wave-
fronts wash through, ir-

regular slivers of seconds. Fear
but no pain. I let black waves go
through. Bare to their flood. Are
they abreaction, discharging old
pain? Although

they feel external--shock waves from
far immense events--as nova wave
fronts drench Earth. Old clings let go,
shiver wrist and toe. Energy thrums,
drowning pain, as auroras drown
in maelstrom dawn.

Feel cleared. Not all light's jetsam gone,
but washed. Dark shine.

Now I recall--once before I unbent. I let
shadow spirits through me

Ebb now back to the mortal plane;
but still adrift inside my own
skull. Now one more stuck lets go;
a muscle eases below my brain
days late. Stuffed sinus drains. So,
not clogged but clenched
fist-tight. Resent.

Till now, inside the skull, all heal
was covertly denied.

At first the blessing's bitter. Subtle burn.
Death's sting. The truth shall set you free
After misery's wash. But then
a slow improve. The energy plane
wasn't the sole one crying to let
go. Flesh too. And is it
true for you?

The next shift's out from bone to skin.
Body hums alive. Sexy. Wants its mate
the unicorn mare. Mounts. Feels solid, right.
Like dry ice, more fever shards

Dark matters. A sea
Of black and unknown waves await
To wash the light aright--if we
permit. Oh, let.

A black wavefront goes through me, washing away illness. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


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