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Dreamed 1996/8/8 by Chris Wayan

I dream I need more fiber. So I eat my fiberfill jacket.

I eat my fiberfill jacket piece by piece. The insulation's not bad--bland, but kind of an interesting texture, like popcorn.

I feel sad to lose my warmest coat, but it IS very old and torn. I really should buy a new one. I've been putting it off, but eating up the old coat will motivate me to go shopping.

By the dream's end, I've only swallowed a third of it, but I firmly plan to eat the rest. Fiber's good for you, after all. The government says so!


My friend Mark calls. He's a shaman too, so I tell him the dream.

He suggests "Eating insulation could mean you're internalizing your self-protection, instead of walking around warily, and staying alone a lot. Now you won't have to be such a hermit!"

Yeah, that makes good psychological sense.

So why do I feel so stupid?

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