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The Griffins' Lesson

Dreamed 2018/6/1 by Wayan

1: SET UP! Two teens wake in bed together; looking shocked and confused. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

A teenage girl and boy are having nightmares, and I live through each right along with them. Can't recall what his was, but it was bad; and hers I recall all too well: rape.

They both wake up abruptly to find they're in bed together, with no memory of how they got there--just their nightmares. They're not strangers--indeed, they're related--cousins I think. But they're not lovers and never have been.

Nor are they drinkers. Why amnesic? Drugs, hypnosis, a spell? What was DONE to them?

Both look equally troubled--I just don't believe either of them did it. Whatever 'it' was.

I pull back from the scene, and lay out cartoon panels and word balloons to tell this nested nightmare as a one-page comic. Unconsciously, I change them from cousins to siblings to heighten the incest element. When I notice, I change it back; for I only knew in the dream that they were related--not sure they were close cousins, or if they'd even consider sex incestuous. Though both their dreams-inside-my-dream did have sexual fears, incest didn't jump out.

What was the core theme? Not sex at all. Memory theft! Someone was messing with their minds, not just their bodies. Setting them up.

Why? Who gains? It makes no sense.



I see an episode of Jane the Virgin. Rafael wakes amnesic in bed with a stranger, and Jane finds them. The girl turns out to be a hooker paid to drug him and fake a damning morning-after scene, to drive off Jane (a rival hopes to gain Rafael's love--and money). The plot backfires--the girl recognizes Jane, is an online follower, and next day warns her it was staged. The show clearly echoes my dream. How? Why? Let's ignore that, and just act as if I saw the show the day before my dream, and it reacted to the show. Reverse the time sign! It's legit for particle physics, why not for dreams?

So... what themes from the show did the dream play up? What looks on the surface like shameful drunken sexual irresponsibility turns out to be a malicious set-up for unknown purposes. Then the teens' nightmares don't look psychological, showing their (or my) fears--instead they seem to be warning them they're being set up! Drugged, stripped, put into bed together.

What's the dream warn me of? I'm not clear, but it involves forgetting. And hints it isn't necessarily self-sabotage. Is someone else distracting me?

2: THE GRIFFINS' CART Griffins pull a cart through hills. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

Today I read three surreal, experimental, clever comics--Dash Shaw's Body World, Jillian Tamaki's Boundless and Matt Kindt's Mind Mgmt. Thing is, I admired their art, but I didn't like it. Amoral, kind of cold.

But now, dreaming, I find a graphic novel I DO like, full of fantasy, romance and sexy magic creatures, with a layered, footnoted plot with lots of options where you can choose to jump to other pages; just as dense and weird as Shaw, Tamaki or Kindt, but with more likable characters, more humane values. Warmer.

Open the book at random... and fall into the story.

Suddenly, I'm riding on a wooden cart, a sort of gypsy-wagon, through farm-hills toward a small town. Griffins are pulling it. Well, taking turns; each pulls a while, then wriggles out of the yoke, stretches like a cat, and leaps into the air on eagle wings. Not just a break from work; different work! They spiral up to scout and dive every few minutes to shout "All clear ahead!" Bandits have been reported in these hills, so we need lookouts.

The crew's not exclusively griffins--there's one human-looking girl, and a talking pony. I already suspected this might be the world of My Little Pony--some griffins in its hills--but the pony sure clinches it. We're in central Equestria!

They're all cheerful, relaxed, fun to travel with. Some cross-species flirting... Griffins and ponies are cuuuute.

For me, the strangest thing about the scene isn't the diverse company; it's the cart. The undercarriage isn't wood or metal, it's made of... semantics! Logical/grammatical propositions, about eight of them, interlocking. They look like chopsticks with words burnt into their sides, with sockets near (but not at) the ends; to create longer struts or logical inferences, sticks don't link end to end, but run parallel a few inches.

I snicker. 'I have seen the understructure, and it works.' Those funny side-sockets make the logic loose and flexible, maybe even telescoping; a cart supported by axiom-axles this adaptable will handle even the roughest terrain. Better than shock absorbers.

The griffins and their friends will make it through.



I see The Fault in Our Cutie Marks, a My Little Pony show starring Gabriela, a manic griffin. Her over-enthusiasm is meant to be comic, but I find I just like her. How many people are just... joyful?

Two griffins, a pony and a human. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

The standard (and quite valid) argument for coincidence and against ESP goes: "A million car-crashes and a million dream car-crashes--of course a few align by chance!" But that argument assumes reasonably common dream-contents. How many dreams have you had of a fake "couple" drugged and posed by a hidden third party? How many times have you dreamt of sexy griffins pulling wooden carts to help sentient horses?

And it wasn't one bizarre, unlikely dream, but two, both looking exactly the same distance ahead. Why, and how, I don't know. But a good 5% of my dreams anticipate motifs like these--specific and bizarre.

All coincidence? There's skepticism, and then there's... knee-jerk rejection. On rough terrain (and the paranormal sure qualifies, right?) looser axioms help.

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