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Dreamed 1984/11/14 by Chris Wayan


I fly home from a Hawaiian vacation to find my two housemates in shock. They tell me our landlady Jade decreed (in my absence) that her daughter Jamie will move in when Brian moves out--whether we like it or not. That's not right. It's one shared house! She'll sleep in the back cabin, but have the run of the main house just like Brian.

I like Jamie, in fact, I'm attracted to her... but that could be a problem. Do I want that kind of daily tension? And I resent having her just... installed like this, like some kind of appliance, while I was away! Feels sneaky and high-handed of her mom.

I wonder what I really think of all this drama. And of Jamie as a potential housemate.


Lit labyrinths under the Earth. Or is it Perelandra? Meet a sorceress riding on a palanquin carried by six servants--little bluish people. She's a teenage girl, naked on her blue velvet couch, except a sort of sketchy string-skirt of jewels, and anklets and wristlets of gold, and a great crest of magenta feathers like a Hawai'ian ali'i... and a wand.

And an attitude. Her aura's vivid--playful, good-natured, smart, sexy, brimming with magic... but maybe a bit spoiled.

Then, on a cave-balcony to my right and above me, several magicians appear. They talk loudly to each other, so we'll overhear:

"So immature!"

"So vain!"

"Setting herself above those servant-beings!"

They ignore the fact they've set themselves above (and to the right of) ALL of us. They've formed a clique and don't want her in. Talk about adolescent!

They prepare a spell-blast and let it fly. A snake of light weaves between the stalagmites to reach her... but she blocks it somehow and angrily hits them back, with a far bigger bolt. Maybe that'll teach them!

Jamie as a Barbarian Frazetta Sorceress. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
I sympathize with her, but worry their attack, even hapless, will push her toward feeling isolated, defiant... If she's spoiled she needs just the opposite, more empathy, stronger links to others... and they'd sour a saint!

Will she see me, too, as a critic to blast away at?


Well... I asked.

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