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Dreamed 1985/12/8 by Chris Wayan

I'm trapped in a Hollywood movie about a mother bear who is an anthropologist. She's highly respected among all the larger species of people here in the West--bears, humans, otters, wolves, deer, horses, hawks, and ravens.

Her adult daughter is very close to her--maybe too close. When life claws her hard, she comes over and mopes--padding around her mother's house in panties and a bathrobe all day, shedding fur and lapping beer and watching those talkshows on bears who love too much.

One day, one of those bad days, Bear Girl's ex-lover visits--a tall, gray-furred, refined sort, with a long snout and a bit too much education. He was her professor, but he didn't let that stop him. Bear-Girl snags a salmon-boy from a stream; dream-sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

He obviously hopes to hook up with her again, but though she's still a bit in love with him, she knows she shouldn't, and she knows why.

"I just might have taken you back, if my mother wasn't here as a biiiig brown reminder that you slept with her, too..."

There's a bite to her voice which he certainly deserves. Teachers should dazzle their students into learning, not into bed. And then mate with her mom? I'm amazed she's not swiping at that oh-so-sensitive coyote nose.

But she holds back. The only thing she claws him with is the truth. For her mom silently warned her, via Bear Telepathy:

"Don't do it. Don't be nasty--it hurts you too. No matter how low they go... Just choose your own path, high or low, yes or no. Decide without clawing them!"

Smart mom. I wouldn't have caught it, that cost to Bear Girl. For her anger felt right to me--her lover slept with her mom! What a cheat! But her mom is right too, and deeper: be nasty, and it'll come back to you.

Just be clear who you want and who you don't. No anger, no guilt--give the bad ones nothing to grab onto.

Keep your claws empty and free, to snag a good fish as he or she swims by.

Salmon love!

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