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Ponygirl's Diet

Dreamed 2010/3/31 by Wayan

A wasted day. For most of it I'm trapped at home, waiting for Fed Ex to deliver a showerseat my mom needs installed. Constant calls from my mom and Dan the plumber who'll install it. Naturally, it shows up at rush hour. I drive it down to my mom's house though rain and gridlock...

Dan slowly drills through the shower's tile walls. The house shakes! Painful even with earplugs. And it fails--the wall behind is flimsy, no studs to anchor to. Dan will need to install a brace. We give up for the day, discouraged. My mom looks fragile, drained. Drive home through the storm. I feel drained too. Sketch of a dream by Wayan. A pony girl, half equine half human, holds a rather phallic-looking spaghetti squash and says 'NOT what you think.' Click to enlarge.


I'm reading a science fiction booklist. Furry science fiction--books and stories about animal people. Feel embarrassed, worry others will see and mock me for merely having it... no, be honest. For my genuine interest in furs.

Most of the tales describe furs as created in labs, rather than alternate evolution. One comic or picture story (beautifully drawn) shows a pony girl who's taking her first steps out of the lab into the big world. Bipedal, tailed, short equine face (very cute!) She has to figure out her own dietary preferences. Neither human meats nor equine grasses and grains are right. Fresh fruits and vegs work best. Luckily California has a lot, year-round. But raw, peeled, cooked? Raw and unpeeled seems best, if they're organic--she eats apple, potato, even orange and mango peels...


An angry skinny guy tosses rocks in the sea from the ruins of the Sutro Baths in San Francisco. The neighbors call the cops. He tells them "I throw rocks at the sea and it throws rocks back. Neither of us gets harmed. It's better than walking around town mad, isn't it?"


I live on a busy college campus in a house I haven't fully explored. One day my housemate explores the attic. She discovers an extensive herb-collection, carefully categorized. She asks around, and learns the woman who used to live was a healer. More than an herbalist--basically, a witch. She left her herb-library for us to use, but I forgot--or never knew.

Should I try them? She's done all the work of sorting.

sketch of a dream by Wayan. A ponygirl, half equine half human, lays out vegetables on an outdoor table. Click to enlarge.

I didn't know it at the time, but this was the last day I saw my mom alive; she died abruptly a few days later. My sisters both got quite messed up in the ensuing months. But I followed the dream's advice, and gnawed on things, and avoided people, and did strange herbs. And unlike my sisters, I didn't get sick, or total my car, or anything.

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