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Venus Unveiled: A Gazetteer

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Xantippe Group: 12 S, 11 E : see Fatua Islands
Xaratanga Chasma: 55 S, 60 E
A chasma crossing East Lada, forming Xaratanga Bay, a narrow sound 360 km long north of Mugazo Gulf. At the bay's head, the chasma forks, braiding with Geyaguga Chasma to the southeast; long lakes, the Xaratanga Lakes, lie in each branch--west, east, and northeast. A similar sound, Geyaguga Bay, joins Xaratanga at its mouth. To the west are the Loo-Wit Mts. Due north, beyond the last of the lakes, is Marzyana Plain and Cape Kuldurok. The Xaratanga region is hot and rainy; the forest ranges from merely Amazonian to full-grown Megazoic.
Xcanil Island: 37 S, 43 E
"Shkan-eel" to its friends. One of the eastern Alpha Islands, Xcanil is just south of long Artio Island, and both are off the coast of huge Umay-Ene, which makes them look like anorexic worms. But Xcanil, though slender and crooked, is still some 350 km long. It's fertile, warm country, with low, forested ridges. Its south side ends in cliffs dropping into a blue hole, Xcanil Hole, a sunken corona. In fact, the hole forces the island-ridge to bend around it. Curiously, another X Island is a mere 800 km to the east: the Xiwang Mu archipelago.
XIWANG MU ISLANDS: 40 S, 50 to 25 S, 62 E
A long diagonal island chain in the Tahmina Sea, Xiwang Mu is the far eastern tip of the Alpha Archipelago, southeast of huge Umay-Ene. The largest, Kastusha in the north, is over 300 km long, but two others rival Kastusha and half a dozen are bigger than Hawaii. The terrain is low but rugged--parallel ridges with branching fingerlakes and steep ravines. The northern Xiwangs are subtropical, with mixed vegetation; the southern isles are steamy, with Amazonian rainforest, climaxing in Megazoic superforests as taller than redwoods in some sheltered western valleys. Xi Wang-mu, "Western Queen-Mother", is a Sichuanese goddess; but time and ignorance has shifted the name's tone and emphasis, and today most non-locals assume Xiwang Mu means "Mother of Hope," assume it's a nickname for Kwan Yin, and simply call them the Xiwangs--the Hope Islands. Curiously, another X Island is a mere 800 km to the west--Xcanil Island, wrapped around a blue hole. To the northeast, the Xiwangs blend into the Ma Islands; to the northwest lies rugged, cliff-walled Dylacha, and to the south, Tushita, smothered in Megazoic jungle.
Xochiquetzal: 4 N, 270 E
A small volcanic island in southern Hinemoa Bay, north of Cape Toklas. Xochiquetzal is part of the only flyway to Tuulikki, making the island culturally part of Phoebe.
Xquiq: 37 N, 15 E
A narrow island 400 km long, south of Ishtar, just off Kruchina. I just liked the name--it's pronounced more or less "shkeeeeek!" Like everything on, in or near Kruchina, Xquiq's smothered in lush Megazoic rainforest. Despite its beauty, few tourists visit, for Xquiq's a minor flyway at best--an isolated, unimportant place. Like the Shire.

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Map of terraformed Venus. Mountains are white, highlands gold, lowlands brown.
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