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Dream Songs

Songs heard in dreams, songs based on dreams, songs telling dreams. Kudos to Jeff Knabel for BLACK WINTER below, for our very first dreamsong in MP3 format. Send us more, folks! They don't have to be polished, you know. DreamTV isn't MTV.

One song below, Gaia's Song, is dream-inspired (a mash-up of several dreams of meeting the Goddess and learning her views on our most likely futures) but not a dream itself. Tour Of Your Brain may or may not be a dream; I emailed Wayan's brain to confirm, but got no reply. Typical. That brain never answers its email.

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ANCIENT MARE-KIN GRAVEYARD: by Wayan; 2008/9/1, a dreamsong (MP3+lyrics), Dreamverse #18
I'm a ghost watching future archeologists dig up a site of my people--and get it so wrong...
BLACK WINTER: by Jeff Knabel; 1997, a dream-song from a possibly predictive nightmare
I dreamed a large meteor had struck the Earth. I found my Dad just as the shockwave hit...
COYOTE SENT ME CASH!: by Wayan, 1982/10/11; a psychic dream, sung 2007 (MP3 + lyrics).
A true tale proving the Trickster God really will provide. We're lilies of the field!
DAWN'S DREAM: by Dawn Z and Wayan; 2.3MB (MP3 + lyrics), 1999/4/1, a dream rock song
My friend Dawn dreamed she crawled into a dumpster to live, and at last felt at home, secure...
DO WHAT YOU LOVE: by Wayan; 2012/11/17; a recession song. 5MB (MP3 + lyrics)
Do what you love and the money will follow! We sang it in clubs & cafes.
Well maybe it did once, but now it rings hollow; I ain't had money in days...
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: by Wayan; 2004/5/20, a dreamsong (MP3+lyrics); Dreamverse #0
I meet a monster--half earthworm, half giraffe. Then I realize she’s kind of cute...
GAIA'S SONG: by Wayan, 2.1MB (MP3 + lyrics), 2002, an old folk ballad on robotics
Gaia appears in a warning vision. However, she's not addressing humanity, but our silver successors...
GOD'S SONG: by Mike Marrelli, 3.4MB (MP3 + lyrics)
God tells all! "I admit I've a split personality..."
PINK EARS: by Mike Marrelli, 2.2MB (MP3 + lyrics)
A sea-chanty mourning how Nic's stuffed bunny fell overboard into San Francisco Bay...
RAINBOW TUNNEL: by Wayan; 1995/4/9 (MP3+lyrics), a global-warming nightmare song
In our steamy future, after the cities drown, I'm hiking through Rainbow Tunnel, when I meet a holy man...
SABOTEUR: by Chris Wayan; dreamed 1991/4/18 & 5/12, dreamsong 2012 (MP3 + lyrics)
I dreamed I got to meet my inner saboteur. Educational! But in the next dream I BECAME my saboteur.
I wasn't out to crash myself--just stay low, never soar. Since success is wicked...
A TOUR OF YOUR BRAIN: by Wayan's brain, 3.4MB (MP3 + lyrics), May 2004, a rock-jig.
A lobe-by-lobe musical tour of your brain with Buddha as your tourguide...
THE TROUBLE WITH TUBAS: dreamed 1997/7/1 by Wayan; song composed in a dream
Improv singing with my friend Mark, this bizarre songlet popped out:
"It's my understanding you shouldn't make love to a tuuubaaaa."
Silly, but when I woke, I realized I sorta had been...
THE VIDEO WOLVES: by Wayan; 2009/2/23, a dream-song (MP3+lyrics), Dreamverse #41
Robot wolves with videocamera eyes prowl our block, freezing me
in their headlight glare. Why do I think one's my ex-girlfriend?

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