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Tie Mark Up

Dreamed 2019/2/1 by Chris Wayan


Walking through a garden between apartment towers, I come to a concrete bridge over a deep canyon. Hear crowd-noise behind me. I hastily cross the bridge and hide amid ferny rocks to one side, and watch as a weirdo parade crosses to my home tower. First a few Crystal Skulls, each striding alone--they've wizards who've replaced their skulls with glass, letting you see their decorated brains (sometimes gold-plated--showoffs!) pulsing like a bad horror movie. All guys. Probably bald guys. A drastic solution for baldness.

I find a rock bowl full of crystal pebbles and finger them. Quartz I think. Pretty, but I don't want to replace my skull with it, thank you.

Now a larger group crosses--tawny blonde furries with pointed ears, lion-manes (both male & female), fangs, slit eyes. Cat people! But not merely dressed as cats. Their ears swivel toward me. Actual cat people. They WERE humans--football types, players and cheerleaders, far as I can tell from their looks and loudness. Still, even footaballers are human. Or were. Once.

Next come several very big lizard or dinosaur folk. Must weigh a ton each! Can the footbridge take it? And the parade's not over...

Parade of glass-skulled wizards, lion people, and dino people. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
I know in the dream this isn't cosplay--knew it from the first crystal skull, baring a live brain. These grotesques are real. I'm in another time, another world. The far future?


I meet three furries, of different species. We're all tired and curl up to sleep. I find them all sexy but they're skittish and shy with me. One squirms away, leaving a cold gap in our curled-up knot. Finally she calms and returns; then we're all warm. I feel good. Accepted, at least provisionally.

Trust before love!

Human curled up with three furries. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
Dream 3: TIE MARK UP

I'm a young woman about 25, with a slight build--unlike my big-framed male day-body. I'm living in a different house, too--well, if you call it living. I'm just renting one end of its kitchen as my bedroom! And the kitchen door is the main entrance. No privacy at all. Hard to work, sleep interrupted, sex impossible.

Why'd I settle for this?

One night, my old friend Mark comes to visit me in my kitchen-room. But to my new smaller body, Mark looms over me--huge, tall. I feel irrationally scared of him.

Maybe not so irrationally. He's in a dress with the breasts cut out--hairy man-boobs stick through. So grotesque. And he acts grotesque too--angry and strange.

He tries to rape me, there in the kitchen. Terrified, I grab a big glass jar and hit him in the head, hard as I can. He collapses, stunned. I tie him up. Keep looping cord till he's massively hogtied, can't stop till I run out of rope. Don't call the cops. Don't know what to do with my friend who's become a monster. Exhausted, wrung out, I just crash on a sofa and sleep.

Wake to daylight. Mark's on my floor, still hogtied. My housemates, including my stern, cadaverous dad, come in and make breakfast, stepping around him. They assume I'm into bondage or S&M now and this is my idea of a date! Dad disapproves. I tell them he attacked me.

They don't believe me. "You would have called the cops right away." I was just too shaken--after tying him up I just collapsed, exhausted.

Mark's awake and glaring now. But he's not much like my friend Mark now--changed in the night. Younger, taller, leaner, muscular... deadlier. I say "I won't untie you till I can be sure you'll leave me alone. I want you out of my life totally. Forever."

I plan to call the cops and ask how to get a restraining order. As I decide I have to tell them, even if they too won't believe me... I wake.

Fragile girl in dark kitchen phoning cops; huge guy hogtied on floor. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


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