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Venus Unveiled: A Gazetteer

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WAWALAG SEA: 30 S, 210 E
A roundish sea southeast of Aphrodite and north of Imdr. Deep by Cytheran standards, the Wawalag still has many islands on its east side: the Inken Is., Chuginadak, the Acheks, the Hlineus, and the Nungui Is.
Weil Crater, Lake Weil, Weil Peninsula: 19 N, 283 E
Weil is a large impact crater in southern Beta, south of Mt. Theia. Today a lake 30 km wide partly fills the crater. The peninsula on the east side of Devana Sound between Beta and Phoebe is often called Cape Weil, as the crater is near its base.
Cape Welcome: 40 N, 64 E
A narrow spit 500 km long, Cape Welcome is the western tip of Tellus. It's dense rainforest right down to the beach. Just to the north is Kylli Island; to the east, broad Cape Tahia; to the south, broad Olwen Bay.
Wen Shu Bay, Cape and Island: 5 S, 304 E
Wen Shu Bay is a gourd-shaped sound 300 km long and around 100 wide, on the east coast of Phoebe, between Poloznitsa Lagoon and Mt Muru. The bay is a boundary between the vast Dolya tessera fields to the north and the Perunitsa Fossae. Cape Wen Shu, sheltering the bay, is a tortuous, rugged arm 450 km long. Its forearm is nearly snapped off at the elbow; the hand is a cliffy claw. 150 km off the cape, past a trench, is Wen Shu Island, a stumpy quadropus 180 km across--second largest of the Laufey Islands. The Wen Shu region is fairly warm and dry, with rocky, grasy coasts and some trees clinging to uplands.
Wheatley Bay: 15 N, 268 E
Wheatley Bay is a half-moon 60 km wide. A large impact crater on a mountain slope, Wheatley happened to end up right at sea level. The rising water breached the south rim and half-flooded Wheatley, forming a bay with crescent arms nearly meeting. Such crater-bays are common on terraformed Mars, but this is the only one I've found on Venus.
Cape Wilde, Wilde Patera: 22 S, 266 E
A blunt, rounded peninsula 500 km wide in Parga, bulging into the Gunda Sea, forming much of its south coast. Cape Wilde is volcanic; in the heart of its wooded highlands is Wilde Patera, an oval crater with savanna and marshes on the floor, like a scaled-up Ngorongoro. The drier coasts are savanna--warm but not hot, with gentle night rains. Just to the east are Lake Kapenopfu and the Udaltsova Isthmus linking Parga to Phoebe.
A peninsula over 1000 km long on the north edge of the Hecate Sea, east of Ulfrun. Highest points: Mt. Ixtab in the west and Mt. Wyrd in the east. The Wyrd Range (yes, there are Wyrd sisters) is a triangular wedge--a flat green plain in the north, rising toward the south, cresting at Mt. Wyrd then dropping precipitously into the sea. It's a startling sight from the lesser mountains of Prthivi (no, that's spelled right) across the channel--reminiscent of New Zealand's Mt Cook. The peaks of this front range, from Ixtab to Wyrd, are high enough to bear night and morning snow, though the sea at their feet is subtropical. But then, climates along Hecate Chasma, though mild and moderately rainy on average, are as complex as its shape: a new microclimate over every ridge. Cape Wyrd is very nearly an island: Gaze Neck linking it to Ulfrun is a low strip only a few km wide.

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Map of terraformed Venus. Mountains are white, highlands gold, lowlands brown.
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