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Venus Unveiled: A Gazetteer

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Yamile Mts: 27 S, 137 E
The only snowcapped range in Artemis, the Yamile Mts are on the edge of the Behn Plateau. The Yamiles are spectacular from the east, rising 3-4 km above Lake Mariko in the Artemis rift. South of the Yamiles the forested Behn highlands stretch 1500 km; to the west is the head of huge Lake Britomartis. Due north beyond Lake Mariko rise the first spurs of the high Jurnaisat Mts.
Yanbike Islands: 0 S, 325 E
The Yanbikes are a group of the Navka Islands, east of Phoebe in the Guinevere Sea. North of the Gulaims, and east of Var, the Yanbikes are more a flyway than a destination. They're mostly hilly, narrow, and small for Venus (though one is an arc over 100 km long). They're arranged in a rough ring: Yanbike Corona. They're fairly dry, with prairies on the east coast and open woods on the west and north shores. The climate's mild. The similar Tingoi and Gudrun Islands straggle north for hundreds of km before dead-ending in the Guinevere Sea.
Yaroslavna Hills: 40 N, 25 E
Yaroslavna Corona forms a range of hills covering much of northern Kruchina, south of Ishtar, in the Bereghinya Sea. To the north is Cape Sand, to the east, Cape Cavell, a smaller corona forming a hilly peninsula; to the southeast, the Kruchina Tessera stretch for hundreds of km--great rock fins smothered in rainforest.
Yermysh Plains: 15 N, 215 E
Strictly speaking, the savanna plain just west of the Zisa Mts in southern Ulfrun, but broadly used to mean all the flat, dry plains bordering the Zewana Gulf.
Yeska: 25 N, 232 E
Three green islands, none over 80 km across, off Cape O'Keeffe on the east coast of Ulfrun (the "scorpion's tail" of Aphrodite). The Yeskas are mostly warm, open woods, with rainforest on the northwest slopes--like much larger Pchilka, to the southeast.
Yolanda: 7 N, 153 E
Yolanda's a rugged island 160 km long, shaped like a reversed K, in the Urutonga Islands off north-central Aphrodite. Yolanda's rocky, with few trees, but grassier than most of the isles around it--Yolanda's ridges lie across the prevailing winds, and though they're dry, coming off the Hasstte-baad Desert, the ridges squeeze some night rains out of them. Luxuriant coral reefs grow in the lee of each cape. To the east are Ortensia and Asherat, to the southeast, volcanic Fand, and to the north, huge Urutonga itself.
Mt. Yolkai: 16 N, 192 E
Snowy Mt Yolkai, 4-5 km high, is the high point of the Nokomis Mts of Atla (east Aphrodite). South of Yolkai the range splits; Ganis Chasma holds a huge rift-lake in its depths. Yolkai radiates a spur northeast, the Ardwinna Hills, dividing greener north Atla from the brushy veldt of the south. West of the peak are the plateaus, lava dikes and prairies around Lake Fossey.
Cape Yonsuk: 33 S, 237 E
The southern tip of Chondi, west of Parga. Cape Yonsuk catches torrid-zone storms from the Wawalag and Helen Seas, and has lush rainforest. At its tip, Yonsuk bends east and forks into arms 200 km long, embracing a shallow blue hole 450 km wide, ringed by arcuate islands like D'Este. To the north is the Forest of Thaukhud; to the west, Cape Sirani, and the Inken Islands.
Ytunde: 49 N, 75 E
a narrow island 600 km long but nowhere over 60 wide, in the Meni Chain, north of Tellus in the Leda Sea. Ytunde is a mass of sinuous ridges; from space it looks like a long-tailed dragon in flight--carrying off a truck. Lush rainforest covers the island's rugged spine; mangroves wade into the shallow seas, ringed by coral reefs. To the west is similar Nana.
Yuki-Onne Island: 37 N, 267 E
A densely forested tropical island 400 km long and 200 wide, on Beta's northwest shore, off Cape Junkgowa. Yuki-Onne catches torrid-zone storms from the Kabel Sea, and is hot, lush rainforest. It somewhat shelters the mainland mountains, which are still warm and rainy, but not a steambath. To the east over a deep 300-km channel is similar but much smaller Rauni Island.
Yumin-udyr: 81 N, 190 E
Yumyn's the northernmost land in the world. It ends the Molpe Chain in the Surupa Archipelago west of Ishtar. Yumyn-udyr is a low, windy, foggy island 75 km across, a rocky treeless meadow where birds nest in the millions. Despite its polar latitude, Yumyn never freezes--this is Venus, after all! It has no permanent land resident, but orcas, octopi and selkies abound.
Mt. Yunya-Mana: -16 S, 285 E
The highest peak in Pinga (southeast Phoebe), marking the south end of the Devana Range, Yunya is a shield volcano. From it radiate half a dozen ridges and chasmas. One creates capes and islands in the mouth of Dzerassa Bay, while another, Pinga Chasma, creates Cape Pinga and Atai Island at the southern tip of Phoebe, while others head west to become Udaltsova Isthmus and Cape Rabie in the Gunda Sea.
Yuvkha Island: 8, 233
An island the size of Great Britain just east of Aphrodite. The west end of Yuvkha is semi-arid steppes and hills, but the climate grows more maritime in the eastern prairies and savanna; the east coast is fairly green. Under the shade of the equatorial rings, the climate is warm but not hot. Yuvkha is greener than its neighboring isles and peninsulas to the south because it's downwind of a gap in the mountains of Ulfrun, which block most storms from Zewana Sound. Two shallow channels, each a thousand km long, separate Yukha from the mainland: Aytron Sound in the south, which sends an arm into the heart of the island, and Yuvkha Channel in the north.

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Map of terraformed Venus. Mountains are white, highlands gold, lowlands brown.
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