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This gallery is large, so it may be slow to load. For brevity I've omitted maps and minor illustrations from "Lyr".

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Lyin' Wayan

Lyin' Wayan

Lyin' Wayan


Lyr: world map

Lyr: Ak'hai'i region from orbit

Lyr: southern Ak'hai'i from orbit

Lyr: Ak'hai'i: Su-Iss caldera

Lyr: an altaffe

Lyr: Altai from orbit

Lyr: Altai from low orbit

Lyr: Altai sunset

Lyr: Altla, in Nyanza Is., from orbit

Lyr: Andromeda Range, Corona

Lyr: "another day, another island"

Lyr: an antel

Lyr: two antel

Lyr: antel making rock art

Lyr: antel village

Lyr: arctic islands

Lyr: Averorn Is. from orbit

Lyr: Ayan Is. from orbit

Lyr: bap playing sax

Lyr: bap playing flute

Lyr: Barbro from orbit, looking north

Lyr: Northern Besar from orbit

Lyr: Southern Besar from orbit

Lyr: big blue egg

Lyr: a bo clowning

Lyr: asymme-
trical bo outfit

Lyr: bo ornaments

Lyr: two bos walking

Lyr: bo habitat

Lyr: round book

Lyr: Borthu Crags

Lyr: caldera, Lake Utara

Lyr: canyon, west Ulash

Lyr: cheetaur domical hut

Lyr: cheetaur wading

Lyr: cheetaur (robust)

Lyr: cheetaur (gracile)

Lyr: cheetaur silhouette, sunset

Lyr: cheetaur's experimental biplane

Lyr: cliffs (basalt), Cape Avalon

Lyr: climate zones

Lyr: continental blocks

Lyr: central Corona

Lyr: East Corona (the Tarns, Cape Mist)

Lyr: East Corona (Holm Pen.)

Lyr: North Corona (Long Reach)

Lyr: Western Corona.

Lyr: Corona, orbital view from SW

Lyr: Dahia Is., orbital view from NW

Lyr: Dawrnach from orbit

Lyr: Dee Delta, Gaiila

Lyr: Delp Mts

Lyr: Delp Mts from east

Lyr: south Diomedes from orbit

Lyr: eruption, Mt Hauch

Lyr: an elaffe

Lyr: Epic of Hrill

Lyr: Equatoria from orbit

Lyr: Erkila, orbital view from west

Lyr: explosion!

Lyr: Fiery Is.

Lyr: fjord in Averorn

Lyr: Flame I.

Lyr: toothed flamingo, Quenna Is.

Lyr: a flox

Lyr: flox in flight

Lyr: a flox potter

Lyr: fruitpicking

Lyr: Gaiila from orbit, Oisin setting

Lyr: Gaiila, NW

Lyr: south Gaiila

Lyr: Gray Range, Corona

Lyr: a griffet

Lyr: griffet body language

Lyr: griffet treetop village

Lyr: gryphon

Lyr: gryphon on cliff-brink

Lyr: gryphon duel

Lyr: Gryphon keep, dusk

Lyr: gryphon & tarn

Lyr: Gujgengi Is. from orbit

Lyr: Halcyon

Lyr: hats on Carheddin

Lyr: herons on mudflat

Lyr: Hesperia, orbital view from SW

Lyr: Hrill

Lyr: an icarus in flight

Lyr: icarus girl singing

Lyr: icarus eyrie, sunset, terrace

Lyr: icarus seacliff eyrie

Lyr: Ikrananka, looking east

Lyr: eastern Ikrananka

Lyr: Kilnu from orbit

Lyr: a koreen

Lyr: kraken's eye

Lyr: kraken

Lyr: Kraoka Is.

Lyr: lake (south Ak'hai'i)

Lyr: Lannach from orbit

Lyr: lebbird on branch

Lyr: Larsum Group

Lyr: Larsum: Kurro Desert

Lyr: lebbird, one wing spread

Lyr: lebbird close-up

Lyr: a lebbird harper

Lyr: Lokon, orbital view from west

Lyr: Lovers on beach

Lyr: Mediterranean hills, Sathayn

Building Lyr: meridians

Lyr: Merseia from orbit

Lyr: mist, Mt Salmen

Lyr: flightless monsters

Lyr: Montalir's jungle hills

Lyr: a multi-species band

Lyr: East Nyanza Is. from orbit

Lyr: West Nyanza Is. from orbit

Lyr: Olga and the Outlings

Lyr: Orfevre Is.

Lyr: south Oronesia, low orbital view from west

Lyr: south Oronesia

Lyr: ow! Flight-ache...

Lyr: pegasus

Lyr: pegasus, dyed mane

Lyr: pegasus in flight

Lyr: pegasus longhouse, Tabitha Herd

Lyr: pegasus: southern, gracile

Lyr vs Earth: plate transects

Lyr: Polaris, orbital view, looking north

Lyr: protoplanet and turtle

Lyr: Quenna Is., orbital view

Lyr: rainforested islands, Rorvan

Lyr: relief

Lyr: "ring" species

Lyr: Cape Rodonis from orbit

Lyr: central Roland Cluster

Lyr: Roland, view NW

Lyr: Scania, orbital view from south

Lyr: Scania

Lyr: scarps

Lyr: sea monsters

Lyr: Sherrin from low orbit, looking north

Lyr: Shielding Is.

Lyr: Shivaru Is, orbital view

Lyr: shy jungle creature

Lyr: Mt Smeth

Lyr: snail invasion!

Lyr: a soka

Lyr: soka atop mast

Lyr: sphinx atop cliff

Lyr: sphinx arching back

Lyr: sphinx on a wall

Lyr: sphinx rolling on her sketches

Lyr: sphinx singer amid rocks

Lyr: sphinx over badlands

Lyr: sphinx boat

Lyr: sphinx cliffhouse, Lokon

Lyr: sphinx cliffhouse

Lyr: sphinx diving

Lyr: from a sphinx cliffhouse

Lyr: star-nosed dolphin

Lyr: Starkad from orbit

Lyr: steppes

Lyr: stilt-village, Liaw Bay

Lyr: Mt Stormgate

Lyr: Su-Kulka Desert

Lyr: Tariat Is.

Lyr: Tau

Lyr: Tauno, looking south from orbit

Lyr: a tauraffe

Lyr: tauraffe house

Lyr: Tempest Islands, looking west

Lyr: theatre, Urshi Town

Lyr: T'kela from orbit

Lyr: Trade Institute

Lyr: Troisleons

Lyr: south Troisleons

Lyr: Tyrlan from orbit looking east

Lyr: Ulash, orbital view from SE

Lyr: Ulwen Scarps

Lyr: veldt, Tempest Is.

Lyr: Mt Volanzu

Lyr: Valland from orbit

Lyr: waterfall

Lyr: waterfall, Tyrlan

Lyr: Wersgorix

Lyr: Whell Is. north of Corona

Lyr: Whell Harbor

Lyr: a witweet

Lyr: witweet gliding

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